Frequently Asked Questions

Can you travel?
Yes, we can travel up to 90 miles in the tri-state area! We travel with the food in “hot boxes” that keep the food steaming hot, ready to serve once we arrive!

Is there a travel fee?
We do not charge a travel fee for larger groups and weddings. For smaller parties, we charge .60 cents/mile.

Do you provide dinnerware?
Yes, we have two different options. We can include black plastic plates, silverware and white dinner napkins for no extra cost with the meal OR real plates, silverware and black napkins for an additional cost; this additional cost would also include the extra staff to buss the tables. Our staff does not buss the tables with the plasticware.

What happens with the leftover food?
The Bluestem Catering Co. offers the customer the leftover food, as well as he/she signs a leftover waiver. We bring containers, pack them up, and leave them in a cooler at the venue. If the customer does not wish to have them, we donate them!